• Isopyrum occidentale. Courtesy of Hodges Lab. Credit: Scott Hodges

Freshmen Applicants

UCSB is a great place to study biology. Biology is one of the largest majors on campus and the two biology departments continue to grow and take advantage of the tremendous potential of developing research areas. Our new Life Sciences and Technology Building is a cutting edge, state-of the art research facility that includes new teaching laboratories. The undergraduate biology experience at UCSB presents opportunities for students to learn, contribute, and develop in an academic setting of unmatched beauty with a supportive and collaborative intellectual climate that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century. High School Preparation

Recommended as Part of or in Addition to the UC admission Requirements

  • One year of biology
  • One year of chemistry
  • Mathematics through trigonometry
  • One year of physics

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses usually fulfill General Education (GE) requirements and completing AP Chemistry or Biology will not allow a student to place out of any of the required courses in biology. However, a score of 4 or better on either the AP Chemistry or AP Biology Examination will allow a student to enroll in Introductory Biology as a freshman and jumpstart their studies in biology.


All freshmen requesting any of the 10 biology majors are admitted to the BA as Pre-Biology Majors. The Pre-Biology Major includes the preparatory coursework in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and introductory biology common to all the biology majors. Students declare their BS or BA degree objective and their specific biology major once this common coursework is completed, usually at the end of their sophomore year.


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