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Detailed information and advice for all students interested in one of the 10 biology majors can be obtained at the Biology Advising Office. The Undergraduate Advisors are Pedro Castellon, Andrew Kröes and Michael Tucker . Any of the three advisors can help you regardless of which biology department administers your major. Peer Advisors are also available during walk-in hours to assist you in program planning, course and major selection, and to answer questions regarding transfer credit, major requirements, graduation requirements, university policy and procedures, career options, post-graduate options, Education Abroad Program etc.

The undergraduate office has an abundance of information available for you to browse through. We have information on graduate schools, new course offerings, and miscellaneous internship and job information.


How many upper division biology courses should I take per quarter?

We recommend taking two upper division biology courses per quarter (assuming 8.0 units per quarter) and, if possible, fulfilling area specific requirements first starting one's Junior/3rd year. This will give you the required 48.0 units required for most of our majors. For more detailed recommendations for the MCDB majors please go to: Resource Documents: Recommended Schedule - MCDB majors

I'm interested in the healthcare professions, what courses do I need to take?


Please contact the College of Letters and Sciences Healthcare Professions advising.

When is the latest a non-biology major can declare a major within biology?

Students will not be admitted to the Pre-biology major after their seventh quarter (or equivalent), and students will only be admitted to the pre-major in their seventh quarter if they have completed introductory biology and most of the required Pre-biology major courses.

Does the Biology program offer a Minor?

The biology program does not offer a minor.

How can I find out which courses to take to meet the transfer requirements?

Go to ASSIST.ORG for transfer articulations. Please note: the courses are evaluated as an entire series and course to course articulations do not exist. Please complete the entire series at the same school.

Junior non-biology transfer students - can I switch to a Biology major?

No, only Junior transfer students who were admitted as pre-biology can major within biology. This is due to the biology Junior transfer regulations and that our program is impacted.

When is the earliest I can declare the full major?

Freshman admits may declare the full major at the end of their second year provided that they have completed MCDB 1A,1B, EEMB 2, 3 (2.0 gpa required), MCDB 1LL and EEMB 2LL (2.0 gpa required), Chem 1ABC and two other preparatory courses (2.0 gpa required). Please see the Pre-Biology major requirement sheet for more detailed information.

Junior transfer students may declare the full major after their second quarter (Winter) - usually 4 upper division biology courses completed (2.0 gpa required)

For all students - At the time of petition for full major, you must have a 2.0 or higher grade point average in all courses attempted toward the major within preparatory and within upper division. Also grades earned must meet the grade prerequisites for the full major.

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